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Candidate Forum Recap - Region 1 DeKalb Board of Ed

The DHA thanks Candidates Andrew Ziffer and Anna Hill for agreeing to participate in the forum and especially for switching to the online format due to the COVID-19 emergency.  Thanks everyone who watched live on Facebook.

School board elections are on May 19; any changes made due to emergency conditions will be communicated promptly.

Enjoy the video, stay informed and stay safe!
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DUNWOODY SHELTER IN PLACE at midnight through April 15

DUNWOODY UNITED: Resources for our community during the COVID-19 outbreak

Dunwoody residents have been organizing independent support networks so neighbors can support each other while many public institutions are temporarily closed.
Most grocery stores, restaurants, retail establishments are open.  How much they are able to provide is another story.
This news post is intended to compile information on neighbor-to-neighbor efforts for assistance.

Assistance for our Title 1 families whose children receive FRP lunch at school:

Direct links from the image below:
To purchase groceries to be shipped to Malachi's Storehouse:

Assistance for neighbors who are older or ill and need help getting groceries and supplies
The NextDoor group Project Dunwoody Food Delivery has a roster of members looking for neighbors in need.  If you are on NextDoor, request to join the group here:
Please let neighbors who may not be on th…

DeKalb Board of Ed District 1 Candidate Forum March 29

Mr Andrew Ziffer and Ms Anna Hill have both agreed to participate in the traditional DHA Candidate Forum as they campaign for the District 1 DeKalb County Board of Education seat.

As always, questions for candidate forums come from the public.  Please submit topics via the secure form below.  Questions will be organized by DHA executive board members. All information will be kept private and will not be distributed to other parties for any reason. Loading…

State Restrictions on Municipal Zoning are Moving Forward on Feb. 26

In January, we posted about three bills that threatened to affect Dunwoody's viability in the future.

One of these bills, HB 302, would restrict any county or municipality from setting or enforcing building codes beyond what is established at the state level.

This bill now has a companion bill, HB 937 and is proceeding through the committee process.

While State Senator Harrell and State Representative Wilensky promised to oppose this bill, it will move forward in the legislative process tomorrow (February 26) at 8 AM.

It is expected that it will proceed to the Rules Committee at 9 AM that same day.

Some local elected officials dismissed this bill, its potential impact, and the probability of it being passed; the bill still has momentum.  This bill can severely restrict the abilities of Dunwoody and every other city to set its own building standards   Dunwoody incorporated to set zoning and building codes to meet the unique changing needs of the city.  All cities should have these …


On February 9, the Dunwoody Homeowners Association held a public board meeting in part to discuss the proposed updates to Dunwoody Village zoning and usage. Numerous residents from the adjacent neighborhoods of The Branches and Vernon Oaks shared their perspectives on how these proposed updates will impact their lives and homes. The meeting was recorded and live streamed via Facebook and the details of these comments may be viewed at that location.

At the board’s session after the public meeting, the board considered the proposed changes and the citizen’s comments and voted unanimously (with one abstention) to endorse a 100-foot buffer between the Village commercial properties and the homeowners’ lots in the Branches; 50 feet of undisturbed forested land adjacent to the homeowners and 50 feet of transitional landscaping on the commercial side.

On the subject of residential units, either permitted by right or via SLUP, the board voted against allowing residential units in the plan. Wh…

February Board Meeting Examines Village Updates and Impact on Homes

DHA board meetings are open to the public and live-streamed on Facebook.
This month, the DHA will host a discussion from residents regarding their concerns over the proposed updates to the Dunwoody Village overlay and how to mitigate negative impacts on adjacent neighborhoods.
All are welcome to bring their perspectives to the discussion.

Sunday, February 9, 2020
7:30 PM
Shallowford Annex, Room 2
4470 North Shallowford Road

More information about the Dunwoody Village Overlay Updates