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Letter from DHA Board to Dunwoody City Council Regarding Code Compliance

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The NEW DeKalb Ethics Ballot Question for 2020

In October 2019, changes to the DeKalb ethics board were on the ballot and were vigorously opposed by the DeKalb Citizens Advocacy Council.Here are the meeting minutes and video footage from that DHA board meeting.In 2020, a new ethics initiative is on the ballot and this one is getting a different response.Mary Hinkel, who gave the presentation on the previous initiative has a new message for the current version:  Vote YES on Ethics Ballot Question. Here are the reasons why:The Board of Ethics remains independent; no one under the purview of the Board of Ethics is making appointments to the Board. Unlike the 2019 bill, this bill does not provide for the CEO to make a Board of Ethics appointment and does not call for the Board of Ethics to submit its policies and procedures to review by the CEO and confirmation by the Board of Commissioners.DeKalb employees continue to have direct access to the ethics office to express concerns about ethics violations. Unlike the 2019 bi…

The 2020 DHA Candidate Forum Retrospective

The DHA's traditional candidate forum was 100% online this year due to COVID-19 protections.Here is the video archive from September 20:
Introduction and ground rules for all the races
(Direct Link)
House District 79
Mike Wilensky (I) and Andrea Johnson
(Direct Link)
Senate District 40
Sally Harrell (I) and Garry Guan
(Direct Link)
DeKalb County Commission District 1
Nancy Jester (I) and Robert Patrick
(Direct Link)
GA Congressional District 6
Karen Handel (Lucy McBath did not attend)
(Direct Link)

Statement on the Proposed Rezoning and Development of 5308, 5318, and 5328 Roberts Drive

Dear Planning Commission Members:The Dunwoody Homeowners Association has been following the proposals for redeveloping and rezoning the lots on Roberts Drive across from the Nature Center since 2018.There have been numerous discussions about whether or not R-50 is too dense to build along side an R-100 neighborhood, about whether age-targeted zoning is appropriate for land across the street from an elementary school, and whether higher-density single family homes are appropriate for Dunwoody at all at this time.Regardless of these factors, the one that surpasses them all is the fact that the neighboring Fairfield community owns an easement that is designated as “drainage” on all proposals we have seen to date.Before anyone rezones or builds anything on the adjoining lots, there has to be a clear agreement with Fairfield HOA regarding conditions that will allow use of their easement.As of this writing, that agreement has never happened.Not with Rock River Realty whose proposal was with…

DHA Statement on Pending Lawsuits vs the City

On Sunday, July 12, the majority of a board quorum voted to issue the following statement on pending lawsuits and the alleged actions that inspired them:
With the current lawsuits filed and pending against the City of Dunwoody, the long-standing expectations of transparency and accountability are in question.
The DHA encourages the city to bring in a third-party specialist at the earliest possible opportunity to perform an independent investigation into issues identified within city government at all levels.  This investigation should examine the handling of any complaints of inappropriate behavior by senior management, human resources, the legal department and our elected officials. The goal is to improve the trust in our government, including the law enforcement team, through transparency and by implementing any recommendations that are incorporated into the independent investigation.  
--Board of DirectorsDunwoody Homeowners Association

Dunwoody Farmers Market Reopens on July 11 at Brook Run Park

The Dunwoody Farmers Market opens Saturday, July 11th at Brook Run Park with vendors onsite & live music. The market runs 8:30am – 12pm through October 31st, rain or shine.To maintain a healthy and safe environment for our vendors and customers we have implemented a few health protections to include a minimum of six feet between vendor booths and no touching of food items prior to purchase.Instead of touching food items themselves, customers should direct freshly gloved vendors to bag their selections, and vendors will place bags within reach of customers before accepting their cash or cards for payment. In order to separate the handling of cash or cards from the handling of food items, vendors will change gloves to process payments or direct payments to a gloved assistant who does not handle food items.We encourage everyone who is healthy and feels safe, to visit the Dunwoody Farmers Market in order to buy healthy, local food from our farmers, and small businesses.We ask that you…

Time to Order for the May 16th Market!

Open May 16th For
The Dunwoody Farmers Market will be open May 16th for pre-orders and pick-ups only. Place your orders directly with the below participating vendors. Pick-up your orders from our market manager on Saturday between 10am and 12pm at the new temporary market location:

Dunwoody United Methodist Church
1548 Mount Vernon Rd
Atlanta, GA 30338

Questions? Running late? Call 404-919-4422This week we're welcoming My Elderberry Fairy! Check out her syrups and fire ciders!

Deb-Bees Honey
- check out the website www.deb-Bees.comto see all the local honey and honey products. Then text Deb at 770-241-2853 with your order. Ecosystem Collective - Order fresh, local produce by Friday at 12pm - Harvest - Purchase breads & goodies online by 2pm Thursday. At checkout, choose a pick up location of Dunwoody Farmers Market. Ordering link is: With The Flow - Local, certified naturally grown produce,…