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Letter from DHA Board to Dunwoody City Council Regarding Code Compliance

The NEW DeKalb Ethics Ballot Question for 2020

In October 2019, changes to the DeKalb ethics board were on the ballot and were vigorously opposed by the DeKalb Citizens Advocacy Council.Here are the meeting minutes and video footage from that DHA board meeting.In 2020, a new ethics initiative is on the ballot and this one is getting a different response.Mary Hinkel, who gave the presentation on the previous initiative has a new message for the current version:  Vote YES on Ethics Ballot Question. Here are the reasons why:The Board of Ethics remains independent; no one under the purview of the Board of Ethics is making appointments to the Board. Unlike the 2019 bill, this bill does not provide for the CEO to make a Board of Ethics appointment and does not call for the Board of Ethics to submit its policies and procedures to review by the CEO and confirmation by the Board of Commissioners.DeKalb employees continue to have direct access to the ethics office to express concerns about ethics violations. Unlike the 2019 bi…