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New Georgia Senate bill threatens to destroy self-determination of Georgia cities

On Friday, Senate Bill SB 172 was dropped by senators from rural Northwest Georgia. This bill would set severe limits on how Georgia cities – including Dunwoody – could enact their zoning and ordinance codes. In 2008, Dunwoody fought for the right to determine what ordinances would benefit our community without being diminished by DeKalb County. We wanted to decide amongst ourselves what kind of community to build, and to make sure that the lawmakers had to live with their decisions, just like the rest of the city. Now it’s other parts of the state that want to set their own limits on our community, where they don’t live, and they don’t care what happens. Learn about SB 172 here:…/…/Display/20192020/SB/172 Contact Dunwoody’s State Senator, Sally Harrell and let her know that Dunwoody can determine its own ordinances. Representatives from rural Georgia do not need to diminish our city with their agendas. Email: Phon