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DHA Turns 50 with the Annual Meeting

Thank you everyone for your support of DHA and our advocacy for the community.
Thanks especially to our speakers on Sunday:
Sally Harrell
Anne Hanlon
Sheriff Maddox
Michael Cown
Educate Dunwoody - Michelle Fincher,  Leah Marques, Despina Lamas

It is always a privilege to shine a light on the citizens who make the choice in their everyday lives to benefit their surrounding community in some way.

The 1st Dick Williams Citizenship Award goes to Bill Robinson

The Community Service Award was presented to Michlle Fincher, Leah Marques, and Despina Lamas of Educate Dunwoody

Your 2020 Executive Board members:

Adrienne Duncan - President (3rd and final year due to term limits)
Su Ellis - Vice President
John Sparks - Treasurer
Debbie Montgomery - Secretary
Bill Grossman & Gerri Penn - At Large

We also revealed a brand new, state of the art website at
Content is being migrated from the previous site and new interactive membership features will go online in the near future.

Below is the complete video of Sunday's proceedings to review.

Here's to a very successful 2020!


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The Georgia legislative session begins today, January 13, 2020.

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