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The 2020 DHA Candidate Forum Retrospective

 The DHA's traditional candidate forum was 100% online this year due to COVID-19 protections.

Here is the video archive from September 20:

Introduction and ground rules for all the races
(Direct Link)

House District 79
Mike Wilensky (I) and Andrea Johnson
(Direct Link)


Senate District 40
Sally Harrell (I) and Garry Guan
(Direct Link)


DeKalb County Commission District 1
Nancy Jester (I) and Robert Patrick
(Direct Link)



GA Congressional District 6
Karen Handel (Lucy McBath did not attend)
(Direct Link)


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On February 9, the Dunwoody Homeowners Association held a public board meeting in part to discuss the proposed updates to Dunwoody Village zoning and usage. Numerous residents from the adjacent neighborhoods of The Branches and Vernon Oaks shared their perspectives on how these proposed updates will impact their lives and homes. The meeting was recorded and live streamed via Facebook and the details of these comments may be viewed at that location. At the board’s session after the public meeting, the board considered the proposed changes and the citizen’s comments and voted unanimously (with one abstention) to endorse a 100-foot buffer between the Village commercial properties and the homeowners’ lots in the Branches; 50 feet of undisturbed forested land adjacent to the homeowners and 50 feet of transitional landscaping on the commercial side. On the subject of residential units, either permitted by right or via SLUP, the board voted against allowing residential units in the plan. W

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